: Over the past 28 years that Margaret has served on the Duarte City Council, she along with the staff and other council members have accomplished many important goals for the city.  Because her 5 children have all graduated from Duarte High School, Margaret has had a great interest in education in the community.  She is the President of the Duarte Education Foundation that raises hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund projects and programs in the schools.  Margaret also chaired the first school bond initiative back in 1997, where over $44 million was raised to improve the deteriorating infrastructure of the 8 schools in the school district.  

Two other important accomplishments, working alongside current Councilmember and 6-term Mayor John Fasana, was the building of the Duarte Senior Center for our extensive senior citizen programs.  Furthermore, Margaret and John spearheaded the drive to seek grant funding to build the Teen Center, where there is a thriving boxing program.

The Gold Line Extension to Azusa was important for mitigating traffic congestion, and improve commute times for motorists.  Since it's opening in 2016, thousands of people use this public transportation to access the City of Hope as well as other businesses in Duarte. 

Preserving our natural resources for future generations has been a priority for Margaret.  She worked with former City Manager Jesse Duff to seek funding for the preservation of 330 acres in the foothills above Duarte, which will always remain Open Space now.  She also worked tirelessly with councilmembers Fasana, Gaston and Paras-Caracci against the mining expansion by a neighboring city. This mining cannot be stopped but Margaret has worked with councilmembers and City Manager Darrell George to bring real-time air quality monitoring into our city to record the air in close proximity to our city.  

Goals for the future: 

Extend the Gold Line to Claremont, and ultimately Ontario Airport, removing thousands of cars from our roads. 

Improve economic development in and around the Gold Line station, as well as bring more restaurants to our downtown.

Seek further grant funding from alternative sources (such as SCAG and other quasi-governmental organizations) to fund extra services that have been cut due to the State's dissolution of Redevelopment.  

Create more housing to mitigate the housing crisis that has affected the state of California.

Enhance our "smart city" capabilities with citywide wifi and sensor technology.

Protect our environment for generations to come by encouraging alternative forms of cleaner transportation (Margaret is an avid cyclist and commutes to many of her meetings by bicycle). 

Continue our downward crime trend with our pro-active policing policies, such as LPR (license plate reader) cameras that can track stolen cars.